Ronnie’s birthday and a short update!

Howdy everyone! Sorry it’s been a little quiet lately, but it’s just been crazy busy. I don’t want to wind out this post, so I’ll give you a short update on everything.

– Today was Ronnie’s 2nd birthday. He seemed quite happy about it. 🙂 The party and presents will only come later, when things have calmed down a bit. (Poor guy :|)
He’s been with us for a year and 7 months now. I thank God for His goodness on Ronnie and us.

– We’ve just completed most of the filming on the 11th Hour Training Course. Prof. Pat McEwen came out from Florida, USA to address the attendees. And what a blessing it was.
The arrangements were hectic, (I’m still struggling with fatigue) but all worth it.
I can’t remember when last I drove so much. Chauffering aunty Pat here and then there. 🙂

– Here comes the big shock – I’ve lost my ID, my passport and some other really important documentation and some really precious items. The story of how it got lost, is long. I’ll try and post it later, but to sum it up, I accidentaly threw it away. So, it seems like I’ll have to apply for new ones. I’m still praying for a miracle to happen, but reality counts too.I also contacted the USA Consulate in Durban, since I had a ten year visa to the United States, and they simply told me that I’ll have to re-apply. I’m so bummed. But God knows.

– My health is not in a great state. I’ve been struggling with severe migraine attacks lately, and this has resulted that I need to take daily medication to prevent the attacks. The medication helps, but it doesn’t take it away completely. I’m still worried though, as I wouldn’t like to get addicted. (Wow, really?? :O) 😉 So please just pray for that as well. It all comes from being under a lot of stress and just plain tiredness and fatigue. I always thought it was a joke, but it isn’t anymore.

I need to scoot. I’ll be back soon. 😀


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