Purity stance

I read an article a few days ago on yahoo news concerning comments and remarks that some guys have made about or towards girls who wear purity rings. I actually expected it to be somewhat positive, but much to my horror it wasn’t. Thankfully, out of the many wonderful comments that guys around the world give to girls, this site only contained 5, which, in its ratio perspective, doesn’t hurt that bad.

Girls, in what ways do you proclaim your message of purity?

Obviously, it should all start in our heart. A change of heart towards God’s idea of love and sex is crucial in our passion to minister to others. Your clothes should proclaim it! And gosh, modest clothes look sooo beautiful! I could die for the stuff. 😉

But then there are others ways to make it very clear to people what we stand for. You can either wear a t-shirt, it can be written on your gorgeous handbag, or you can wear a purity ring. I have a True Love Waits ring, and I absolutely LOVE wearing it. Besides the fact that it makes me feel very special, 😉 which it should, it also leaves a message with its viewers. When I was in Colorado a couple of months ago, someone looked at my ring and asked me whether I’m engaged. I giggled, and said no. I then said, “But I am already taken, I just don’t know by whom”.

Nice way of looking at it. 😀

Remember that. You’re not waiting for someone to come and take you. Your prince has already taken you, and one day he’ll come and claim you. I don’t have much respect for the argument that we don’t belong to someone yet, we’re not married yet, we’re still single, and we don’t have any commitments yet, so it doesn’t matter. When the time comes, we’ll do it. The time might be too late. Never let anyone stand on your rights. Never let anyone look down on your youth. And neither did God say that we should be afraid to speak because we are young. It was the opposite.

Guys, in what ways do you proclaim your purity?

Many guys think that if they are gentlemen towards the girls, then they are not practising purity. I get the impression that they are afraid that the girls might think they like them. This could be. But that will depend on your motives guys and the way you treat us. To be honest with you, I have no respect for a man who doesn’t have manners. If I can tell you a secret, guys, don’t think that the girls aren’t watching you, they are. You’re not the only ones watching someone. And one of the things they look at is the way you treat your mother and your sister. I’m a girl, I know.

Young people of today are the ones that will mould the youth of tomorrow. The kind of people they will become is our responsibility. The youth before us failed. What will we do?

Think about it.


3 responses to “Purity stance

  1. Hello! I’m a guy. I have been writting similar thoughts about purity on my blog. There’s a post titled “Gentleness for noble men”. Most men and even women still believe that gentleness is a synonym of flirting or something romantic, but it’s not (at least it wasn’t intended to be by God), it’s just a blessing culture that focuses on appreciating the oposite sex as the same God kindly does.
    I have a white-and-yellow gold ring on my wedding finger that I personally call “the three knight’s missions”, but anyone else knows about the meaning of the ring, I don’t talk much about my ring because it can easly disfocuses others on true purity. I have been wearing it just after a long time of my decision of being pure to my Lord and future spouse. Then I feel free to preach the purity of mind, heart and body by my life style, and it works more than by external things such as “purity” rings, t-shirts or anything else. Youn men and women both have to preach true purity according to their life style only.

  2. Just to add. I believe that purity is directly related to our way of dressing. I just said about the exaggerated preference on printed “I-am-pure t-shirts” than our life style (way how we dress for instance).

  3. Thanks for sharing that Leandro. Your input is a blessing. It’s great to hear about guys also wearing rings to symbolise their purity. I’ve never seen a guy who wears one, and I thought that perhaps they think it’s just a girl thing to do. Congrats, that’s standing up for something really noble!
    And I agree with you about the manners, we need to respect each other, there’s no two ways about it. And by dressing modestly, we are also respecting each other and our future spouses.

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