Saving a life

It’s my greatest dream. To make some form of a difference. No matter in which way.

And yet, countless times, I find myself, standing helpless, speechless and completely uninformed.

Seeing a 9month pregnant girl yesterday, who literally lives on the pavement, or on the grass in the park, made me shiver, just thinking of the complications this young lady and her child will have to face. She has nowhere to go, no way of caring for the child, she has nothing!

Another girl, who also regularly visits our coffee shop, has a 7 or 8 month old baby. The mom has TB, her baby is ill, and hungry, and probably doesn’t even know the huge sores and wounds breaking out over his entire body.
The mother has no way of caring for him anymore; she’s come to a point where she cannot go any further. She turns to me for a way out. “I need someone to take my child. Will you do it?”

It is out of sheer desperation for our nation’s survival, and a sincere and earnest cry from the depths of my heart to see lives changed and saved, by Christ, that me and my family has offered to take these children into our home.

Who knows, maybe our home will turn into an orphanage! 😉 Wouldn’t that be gorgeous?! 😀


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