My aching heart…

My heart is aching. Have you ever felt that way, and you can’t change anything?

My friends are leaving. Almost all my friends are college students studying at the education college about 5 minutes away from my office. Because my mom lectures at the same college, some of these girls have become my best friends.

Now, after finishing their degree, and their four years of study, they are going home. Study life is over, work life begins. It’s how things go, and it’s great that way. But saying goodbye isn’t. Simply because I know, most of them, I’ll only see again in 5 months when they come for graduation, whereas I used to see them almost every day. After that, I might not see them for a year or two.

Galina is going back to the USA, Lidia to Romania, and Sue will be going back to George. Pravashnee will be staying on though, as she is will be starting her third year. What a relief. *whew* 😉

I’ll miss lunch times, coffee times, the uncontrollable giggles we used to get at 1 am in the morning, all the crunchy addictions, and the fun times. I’ll miss the times where we would sit and talk about what God has done in our lives.

Friendship is a God-given gift; it can either build you up, or break you down. I thank God for my awesome friends, and I rest in the fact, that even though we’ll be big distances apart, our friendship will remain.

When we all get married in a few years’ time, we can look back and continue to thank God for our friendship. I don’t know about myself, but I sure can’t wait for their weddings. *wink*


Isn’t it even greater, that, knowing that we can’t change situations, but our lives can change other lives and situations? It’s one of the commands that God has given us, to go and be different, and let our light shine.

And as my friends leave, may we never forget to shine our light, no matter where we are and how far apart we are. 🙂


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