Obedience to God

The only requisition for the world to become evil, is for one man not to do good.

One man huh? Ok. So who am I? Am I ‘one man’? Impossible!

In the silence, and throughout the daily noise, I hear a still small voice.

“But Salomé, you are!”

He’s spoken, and it wasn’t the first time. So what to do and where to, from here?

So often, we hear God’s voice, and speaking, but no heed is given. We have a number of excuses. Is it really God speaking? But how on earth should I do that, Lord? What if the voice I’m hearing is deceptive? And on it goes…

You might be reading this, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve sat in church, and the past two or three Sundays, different ministers have preached upon the same message. Co-incidence? Not so likely, huh?

What do you plan to do about it? You could either; let it continue haunt you, and in turn lose out on the blessing of seeing, possibly, people saved to Jesus Christ, or you listen to Him first off, and experience a peace that transcends all understanding, even if it should mean that no souls are saved.

Being in the will of God is a pre-requisite for the Christian faith. It’s not exactly I’ll-do-it-if-I-can scenario. It’s a command. It brings us to our knees and spurs on a contact with God so intimate; you’d feel you’re flying. It’ll force you to pray like Solomon, not for wealth or health, but for wisdom. And upon this, God replied to him, “Ask of me what I must give you” (italics added)
Ever wondered what is a must-give from God? I can only think of His sweet will.
It should be our innermost desire. So much so, that we ask for it!

May I never ever be disobedient to the will of God. May I be the change He wants to see in this world, through me.


3 responses to “Obedience to God

  1. Hi Salome’,

    What a wonderful post! I also hope that I can find His sweet will and make that change in the world. Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day, I so enjoyed your visit. I am adding you to my blog roll, so I can visit more often!

    In him


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