Call for modesty

How many times do we go shopping and we see an outfit that we really like? I mean, it’s cute, it’s feminine and you can just imagine how stunning it will look with that skirt or with this sweater.

You can’t wait to get home and try it on, investigate every inch of the material in front of the mirror with your favourite hat.
But when you do, you notice it’s a little tight, or perhaps a little too low on the neckline. Or perhaps the sleeves yawn open when you lift up your arm. **gasp** What now? I can’t exchange it, there is no bigger size, and was kinda costly.

Suddenly, you go through all the mirror twirls and turns again, finally coming to the conclusion, ‘It’s not that bad. All the other girls in church wear things like this, and some even have exactly the same top. It’s fine, let’s just hope that no one will be offended. Besides, it’s so modest, compared to all the other outfits that some young people wear.”

Have you ever experienced that? I have. There were times when I purchased pieces of clothing that were really modest, in the genuine sense of the word, but when I would wear them, I’d feel like I’m cutting it on the borderline. I would feel uncomfortable when I would walk past a guy and just hope and pray that he doesn’t notice it.

A couple of days ago, I went to my closet and inspected my clothes. I threw out everything that was not pleasing to God. Every outfit that was a borderline case, or something that I would feel uncomfortable to wear in front of certain people. It was easy to look at some and think, “but maybe I can keep this one, I love it so much”. But I didn’t. I obeyed the Spirit’s wooing. I chucked it all out.

The peace that flooded me, was overwhelming. Just knowing that I was obedient to God’s prompting, I could now look at my closet and feel content. I’m not ashamed of one piece of outfit in there. Anyone can come and look and I will not need to hide my face.

Are there pieces of clothing in your closet that are borderline cases? Can you hear the Spirit’s soft whisper? Then answer His call today.

Yes, we are modest. We dress in a way not to let our brothers stumble. But even God’s children need to be continually sanctified.

Girls, don’t frame an idea of modesty for yourself. Rather, go to God and let Him do that for you. Ask Him to show what form of clothing is pleasing to Him.

Last night at our church’s youth meeting, the pastor who led the devotion said, “that which the church has given to the world, it’ll never get back”.
The same applies to our modesty. Once the world steals it from you, you won’t get it back. So ask God to come and do that miraculous work in your life.


4 responses to “Call for modesty

  1. Salomé, my dear sister!!! That so wonderful this text!!! You know, a few days ago, I experienced a situation like this… I decided to live the modesty as a lifestyle, because I understood I need to honor God in that area of my life too, that it should also be an area of purity and holiness… However, a few days ago, I experienced this clash of “borders clothes”… the clothes “seem modest”, after all it was “this, and this and this”… But Holy Spirit told me not to use. Guess what I did? I used! It was a HORRIBLE experience!!! I felt awful, I felt staining my identity as Son of God, staining my honor and purity! Definitily, I don’t want never go through it, even though that giving up all the clothes that are in my wardrobe! I’ve been very happy to read your text, it spokes a lot to my heart! Thank you! That this determination of the purity of God is growing stronger in your life! Many blessings! (PS: I am from Brazil, Leandro’s friend .. I saw your site at “Avante Alegria”, and I really liked to knows it! Sorry the English, ok? =P~)… 😉

  2. Hey girls! Thank you so much for your comments! It’s SOOOO encouraging to see other girls who are obsessed with Christ’s standards for modesty!

    Aline, it’s so great to hear from you. You know Leandro? (He’s such a blessing) Hopefully we can talk more soon. 🙂

  3. Its nice to see another girl in South Africa with the same ideas regarding modesty and purity! I must say my modesty posts have taken a back seat in the last year (i was pregnant so that took the space), but your blog has just fueled my desire to take up that cross again. I have a great heart for the young women in our churches who have a love for the Saviour but a blatant disregard for modesty and purity, very often out of ignorance. Keep up the blog!

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