A certain pastor once said, “I’ve not been in another country, or over the seas, but I have been to Calvary”.

The sounds echo through my mind, “Salomé, you’ve been to the USA, you’ve been to Romania, you’ve been to Cape Town, on the border of Swaziland, here and there… ”

But where have we really been? You know, at the end of the day, nothing, but NOTHING in this world will matter. All God will want to know is whether we’ve been to Calvary and met with the Saviour.
Neither the amount of Christian guys or girls we’ve been able to impress or the amount of modest clothes we’ve worn will matter, nor the prayers we’ve sent up to heaven on behalf of all the unbelievers, or the absolutely awesome Christian warrior or warrior-ress (is that a word?) we’ve married, will ever matter on that final day.

You know, I’m not the world’s prettiest girl, nor do I have the greatest looking figure around, but this I know, I too, have been to Calvary. And THAT’S what I want to let matter in my life. To leave every world distraction behind me; the guy I will one day marry, what I look like today, whether my hair is in the right style, or whether I managed to do my gym exercises today to get me closer to that “striving sexy” look.
No, I want to be obsessed with Christ, the Gospel and with His love for me at Calvary.

Can you honestly say that you’ve been to Calvary? Can WE (me included) honestly say that we go to Calvary every day, still? The Christian purification and sanctification message is a daily exercise. And I would rather go the ends of the earth to make sure I’ve completed that exercise today, than to fret over the fact that I’ve not gymned today.

And I pray that God, hearing this, would be merciful to me, because He too knows, this is not an easy life.


2 responses to “Calvary

  1. Oh, my dear!!! I praise God so much for your life!!! You know, today I watched a movie about South Africa, the black people history, and it was so terrible! I’ve been so sad for to look around and find a lot of selfish people so near… There are so many people that can’t to look longer than themselves… I’ve been very sad about this!!! But, you know, reading your blog, your email, and other people’s life’s testimonial, people that wnat to be diferent, that want to be pure and holy to honor God, people that really care about the world and the life’s sense, I can be happy again! I can trust that there is beauty on this terrible world! Thank you for you be a so beautiful Jesus’follower… You have been blessing my life with your faith and love to Jesus!!! Thank you again!!! God bless you more and more!!!

  2. Thank you Aline! It’s encouraging to see your love for Christ.
    May I ask what movie is it that you watched?

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