Modesty really matters!

I thought I’d continue my post on modesty, since I still had some hanging thoughts on the issue. Now I bet some of you out there, and even perhaps reading this, may think, “What’s it worth? No one notices modesty, so what’s the point? And who knows, maybe my future husband might be from another country, so he won’t even see if I don’t dress totally modest.”

And so the excuses goes on… “It’s so hot. You cannot dress modestly in Africa, because the weather just doesn’t work together, etc etc… ”

I know, it’s easy to think like that, especially if we work so hard to be modest and please God, and yet, we don’t receive any reward of form of gratitute in return. And sometimes, it feels like even God doesn’t notice it.
Why does it have to be so hard???

By God’s grace, I’ve been able to prove this theory of thinking wrong.

A couple of weeks ago, I, along with some friends and colleagues, did some ministry work on the streets of Durban. We had just completed a tight, hard stretch of work, speaking to people, challenging their faiths and telling them about the Saviour, giving them hope. We were tired, craving for our scheduled ice cream rewards and could just about fall asleep on the pavement of tiredness.

The beachfront is a common place to hang out. Right next to the Wimpy (where we buy ice cream) is Joe Cool’s, one of Durban’s youths’ most favourite night club. People roam around on the beach until late into the morning hours.

So, ice cream eaten, and thinking about our beds and some glorious sleep, we headed back out. Coming out of Wimpy, we brushed past four young men sitting on the brick rails.

And then… “Oh my word, look how these ladies are dressed!”

*ahem* What… wh… what? What did he just say? Did those guys really just say that? They noticed? WOW!!

And we knew them from absolutely NOwhere. But it was the cherry on my cake of fatigue.

Girls, and guys, modesty DOES matter. One day, even if it should only be in heaven, you’ll find out why. So don’t give up.


3 responses to “Modesty really matters!

  1. Hehe that was a funny post. Keep being modest because godly guys do notice it 🙂

    (Were the guys really appreciating your dresses or just being ironic? hehe)


  2. Hehe… I think they were more shocked than anything else, probably not quite sure how they needed to react. 🙂

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