Being a Godly daughter…

You know, before I really had a relationship with the Lord, I used to give my parents such grief. I guess they had their hands stuck in their heads, ready to pluck out every possible loose hair available.

Wow, what a shame. 😦

It’s just so interesting that when I met the Lord, everything changed. All my ways and grief, took a 180º turn. And the world still kinda wonders what the genetic explanation behind teenage rebellion is. Whoa… ok. 😮
The truth is, everyone needs God.

But during one of those devastating times with my parents long ago, my mom approached me one day and said, “Salomé, I’m sorry if I’m not the mom you want. I’ll work on becoming that mom.”

My heart broke. Is this was I was doing to my parents? My mom began to feel unworthy of her calling, which is a total no in the Christian mother’s life.

When God broke through to me, I began to ponder upon this very seriously. The Lord seriously helped me to understand my wrong ways.

Yes, I may not think my mom is the kind of mom I want, but am I the kind of daughter that she wants?

I pray that God will let that question ring through my mind everyday, so that I can be heedful.

But likewise, we often look up and say, “God, why aren’t you the God I want you to be?”
We are dictators. Worse than Stalin, or Hitler and the likes.

But just think about this: are you the child that God wants you to be?

My heavenly father is enough for me, and for you. Why can’t we trust Him more?

Am I the daughter you want me to be Lord?


2 responses to “Being a Godly daughter…

  1. Hi Salomé!!!! I saw your comment at avantealegria, then I saw your blog!
    It’s just awesome that we can see people from all around the world aiming the same: God’s will!!!
    I’m soooo happy that I’ve found you (you, aline, leandro…) People who are not afraid to speak about God, in the REAL way…
    I’m still a baby in this journey, but I can see God’s Grace in my life…
    I’ve read some of your posts, and in all of them I can see that you are really doing this for God!!!!

    Congratulations for your blog!!!

    ah, In one of your posts you said about the chage in your closet… I did this a couple days ago… and I felt the same, there were some clothes I just couldn’t wear without worrying about the people aroud me…
    It’s so nice when God talks to us, because by myself I wouldn’t be able to change like this… it doesn’t even hurt…

    God bless you!!!!!!



  2. Oh wow, God seems to be blessing me with new friends from Brazil!!

    Thanks so much for your beautiful comment.
    I’ll email you! 🙂

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