Thank you Lord!

Today, I drove past my accident site. *shivers*

But as I drove past and saw it all again in my mind, I just sat there quietly and thanked God. He was so good to me.
I still can’t remember all the dainty details that took place that day, and I probably never will, like which side of the road the car came to a standstill on.

But this I know, my God is great. And He has a purpose for my life and for every person that was in the car that day!

Imagine if we had no hope in this life. Nothing to live for. We would be doomed and damned.

That, however, doesn’t mean that we will always come out alive from a wretched car accident, but it does mean that we have something extraordinary awesome to hold on to, and that is everlasting life with God.

I have quite a bit I’d like to blog on, but right now I need to head home. I’m tired.

Ciao-ness! 8)


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