I will never hesitate to say: it truly is intriguing and mystical the way God works.

God has been teaching me some valuable lessons on prayer lately. I always thought I was a good prayer warrior.

Nice thought, huh? 😉

But quite contrary, I’ve been reading “Set Apart Femininity” by Leslie Ludy (and btw, if any of you are itching to get your hands onto some mind-inspiring and life-changing material, do yourself a favour and get this book) where the priority and essentiality of prayer is depicted in such a way, that I felt convicted.

It also just so happened that I read a friend’s blog post on prayer this morning, and I could not, but share my thoughts on the issue as well.

I don’t want to stretch out my words, because my attempt will be feeble.
But God calls us, invites us to pray, unceasingly. He also asks us to bring our petitions to Him, in thankfulness. Furthermore, we are to request answers from God with determination.
For those who ask, to them it shall be given.

Do I ask? Or do I simple ‘mention’ my requests to Him?
I too, like Leslie, was always under the impression that I need to pray for things, and if it’s God’s will, He will come through with it. If not, it just won’t realise.

But did I really ask? Perhaps you are also wondering why your ambitious prayer life feels so frail. Do you press on God’s button hard enough?

It’s not a question of whether God can hear you or not. He definitely can, and in fact, has such a long ear, that He hears your heart’s whisper even before your mouth has been able to utter the words.

But God does require faith. Without faith, our deeds, or any deed for that matter, is completely and totally in vain.

I’ve asked God to revive and rejuvenate my prayer life and the spirit and faith in which I make my petitions known to my King.

Then we will begin to amaze ourselves at the way God smiles down upon us with His replies, and the power which He will transport through our expressions to Him.


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