Abstinence training talk…

I’m currently preparing for an abstinence training talk which I have to give next week, to a group of 30 company workers in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape.

This comes as part of Doctor’s for Life International’s long-standing relationship with secular companies in WAP (Workplace AIDS Program) training. The 10 day course is aimed at restoring family values within the work sector and topics such as marital faithfulness, abstinence, substance abuse and moral decline, are covered.

This year is the first course where we will shine one of the spotlights directly on abstinence. (For some reason, I got the honour to do this… :P)

So… this means, that a new presentation had to be created from scratch. I will raise my pointers here, and I’d appreciate lots of feedback, whether you have a comment to add, or a complaint, or a brand new idea… spit it out. 😀

Please note: the following pointers are NOT my entire speech. However, I will elaborate on each one, and they will involve different activities such as group discussion and self re-evaluation.

  • More than 23 million people in Southern Africa are HIV positive. This statistic makes up half of the entire amount of HIV positive people around the globe. Do you want to become yet just another number?
  • Soccer world cup – 2010. Have you ever sung the national anthem and felt that thrill of patriotism flow through your veins? How come, when it comes to decisions, you’re not able to control yourself? But instead , you pull your country further to shame by pushing that statistic up by the score.
  • Ever heard guys say, “I need to have sex to be a man”? I have news for you; even mice have sex, does that make them men?
    Self control.
  • Sex is not love. Rather, sex is a fruit of love. Love is patient, love is kind. (1 Cor 13:4)
  • Sex has become the norm, therefore rather redundant and boring. Hint: take a look at 90% of the magazine covers on store shelves; the following should sound familiar:
    – 10 sizzling new sex tips
    – Inside scoop: new ways to make your time in bed more fun
    – What if your partner doesn’t want to make love? Prof. so and so gives advice.
  • Take a pen and paper and spell the word “sex”. It’s a reality. We live with it. But it’s up to us how we will accept it. Bringing about a radical and noticeable change in our society will demand a complete change in attitude and thought.
    Btw, what happened to the privacy of the word itself? 50 Years ago, “sex” was not to be mentioned, even in the home. It was respected as the discreet action and deed that took place within the marriage covenant, ordained by God.
  • Pre-marital sex is the core reason behind multiple dysfunctionalities (is this a word?) and confusions in the world today:
    – pornography and the addictions thereof
    – unplanned pregnancies
    – therefore, abortions
    – the above leads to complications
    – and psychological trauma
    – then suicide (it’s shocking how many turn to the death exit simply because their partner left them for someone else who has a sexier figure)
    – sky-high divorce rates
    – HIV/AIDS
    – worst of all, GUILT!
    – to name but a few…
  • You will try to wash your body a 1000 times, but the dirt and stench will NOT come off. Only God can do this for you.
  • According to UNAIDS, the ratio of infections : deaths has settled at a consistent point. This has been interpreted as a drop in infections every year.
    Unfortunately, I beg to differ. The only reason why the infection rate has stabilised is because the amount of people that die every year is equal to the amount of new infections. So sadly, the infection rate continues to climb.
    Get a professor to tell you THAT fact.

Those are just a few. I do feel that it’s important to highlight these  notes to the training attendees, because it might most likely come through to their realisation as real-life situations which they can relate to.

The discussion will be informal, casual and interactive. I do hope too, to crack a joke or two, to lighten up the atmosphere, with my dry ‘du Toit’ humour. 😀

As I mentioned before, I’d LOVE some feedback. Please also pray as I finalise my speech and presentation this week.

Over and out. 🙂


4 responses to “Abstinence training talk…

  1. Hey dear!!! ^^ That great you’ll do this presentation about abstinence!! That good that this kind of discussion has been happening! Your pointers are great!! I was thinking about how much this “free sex” custom and the loss of the respect about sex can to produce behaviours like pedophilia and rape, because sex has become something trivial, unimportant.
    And about insecure, jealous, possessive relationships (and suicide related to this), relationships based only on physical dependence, generating families destructured and all problems it will generate on the society…
    I don’t know if all of this is directly related to that, but, it’s a discussion, isnt it? 😉

    God bless you do much on this presentation, Salomé!!! I know you have a life that speaks for itself, and God will use this to impact those people!!!

    Kisses!!! 😉

  2. I hope it’s not too late to comment… I liked this pointers… I think you gave more than “christian reasons” for abstinence, and this is important…
    Success in your speech

    God bless you!!

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