Back to PE…

I’m on my way to Durban tonight for an outreach on the streets, then tomorrow evening, back to Port Elizabeth for the second leg of the abstinence training course.

Will give a detailed update upon my return…

Prayers will be appreciated.

Over and out. 8:)


3 responses to “Back to PE…

  1. Hey my dear sister!!! God bless you on your abstinence training course!! Thanks for your messages!! I’m missing our chats!! I think I’ll need to stay one more night without sleep so we can talk! lol. This week, every night, I am taking lessons of post-graduate students and they are being very good! Are you getting my messages? I hope so!! Love yaaa!!!! Kisses and Blessings!!!! ;P~

  2. Yes dear sister…i hope you rest for a change too. It is wonderful that you reached out and shared at the training course even though you gave all you had to help the girls in the street the previous night. May He bless you abundantly with lots of opportunities to rest this weekend. Thank you for your pure sacrifices of time & energy. I know God appreciates it. Barbara

  3. Aline: Thank you! Are you referring to cell phone messages? I haven’t received any from you lately. :-/
    Hope we can chat soon!

    Sarie: Thank you! I will try to rest if Ronaldo gives me a chance.
    You’re welcome to come over for a rest, you know. ;P Haha… (scuse the pun :D)

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