I was completely startled, almost off my chair, as I read the news alert this morning. What are we allowing this world to become?

Today is international cleavage day.

Whoa. :-O

A particular newspaper gives advice on how to keep the two sisters happy and healthy, and your cleavage is supposed to show their state.

Now look, I’m no professor of any sort, but I think this time round, I’m quite a bit smarter.

Why can’t we have an International Modesty Day? Why can’t we display the pride of our bodies in a Godly way?

Girls, (and guys) the best way we can look after our so-called “cleavage-image” is to keep it closed. Away from danger, away from exposure and anything that could harm it, even if it’s not physically.

I’m not sure how many guys are reading this, but I’m sure that they are probably just as disgusted at the naming of this day as much as I am.
And I bet they will appreciate our respect for our bodies too. God surely didn’t create our bodies to be put on display, what not more than to actually set an entire day apart as a heritage to a selfish cause.
It’s all it is – selfishness.

So my word for the day: go and celebrate this day by showing others what true modesty means.


3 responses to “Whaaatt??

  1. :O

    Loméééé!!! I cant believe that!!! I hadnt read this post, but I’m completely astonished with this!!! Totally!!! Its absurd!!! =/ =/ =/

    Even we never have a Modesty Day, I’m sure we all can do every day our Modesty Day!!! We can to shock, to impact, to confront this fool world with our own lifes!!!

    Love ya lots and lots, my lovely sister!!!
    Many kisses and blessings!!

  2. P.S: I’m missing your posts here!!! (And also missing our chats a lot!!! =( ..) I hope you be nice, and the migraines had went out!!!

    And dont forget:
    Love yaaaa!!! 😀

  3. ROFL OMB (Oh my Bob) I’m sorry but thats just sad. What will the come up with next? Well I dont have any “cleavage” any way so I dont have to worry about that but… People are just stupid! Less is more folks less is more!

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