Empty hands…

What did Jesus mean when He said, “Go into all the world and make disciples of all men”? What did He mean when He told me to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world?

Or better perhaps, I know He meant it, but what did and does it mean to me from the moment I received the command until our present time?

Sadly, I have to admit that right now, it means more of a disobedience to me than anything else. I tremble at the thought of one day reaching Heaven’s gates, and God looks down and weeps at the sight of my empty hands, stained with drops of blood of lives that I failed to reach out to.

I can’t count the countless times that I walked down a street, wishing I was some sort of giant octopus with a hundred tentacles to curl around guys’ eyes as a shield from the gushing river of immodesty, and the sexual innuendo that both guys and girls have to face. How I wish to be an amplifier on a rooftop, with a message the entire world could hear.

How many times have you, like me, felt led to answer the desperate cries of the youth, but turned a blind eye to it all for the sake of our convenience in our comfort zones?
Would our viewpoint change at the realisation that in fact, the youth are dying within their own comfort zones because we are too scared to leave ours?

It hurts me to know that I may soon sit with a problem of spiritual obesity, because I refuse to feed the starving from my plate. I just feel that as Christians, God gives us so much to be thankful for. Why keep the blessings for ourselves, and through our selfishness, miss out on God’s blessings?

Frankly, the world is sickened by a taste of monotonous sin that just provides short term pleasure. They keep grabbing for more in an attempt to fill the vast emptiness of their lives. They long for a difference. Something that is daring and truthful.

I ask myself this: what would you risk to make a difference?

I can only cry the prayer that keeps forming on my lips – God help me to fulfill this great calling you’ve placed on my life, and may it be soon.


4 responses to “Empty hands…

  1. My dear sister, I feel exactly the same. (Maybe you guessed so too). I thought about this question as well. What would I risk to make a difference? I think my life. I gave it all to Him. Body, soul & spirit. Actually it is not my own. I got it from Him anyway. I give it back as a love gift to Him. For Him to make use of me: when He wants, where or however He wants. Suits me perfectly well, because I want 2 be 1 with Him always. Thanks for your deep thoughts you dare to share.

  2. Salome,

    Thanks for blessing us with your thoughts 😀

    What would I risk to make a difference? I can say I’d risk my life, my all… but I ask myself “What do you do to make a difference?” Do I share God’s grace and love with my co-workers, for example?

  3. Hi I am part of the kindred spirit network and just happened to come across your blog. Thank you so much for this challenge! The Lord has been really laying the same thing on my heart as well.

  4. How much my heart reflects yours here!
    How much blood is on my hands?!
    I also say “I would risk my life!” but am I being faithful in the small things He gives me?! May He have mercy on me!

    I also appreciate Sarie’s comment. Thanks for sharing!

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