Poverty can be romantic

Simple romance

Simple romance

Recently, I made a post over at Women of Virtues and I spoke about the simplicity of romance. It doesn’t come with conditions and strings attached. And I just wish that young people would realise that.

It’s sad to see young people get married for the wrong reasons, such as, this guy has that type of car, she has this awesome job, and these earthly belongings determine the way we make decisions when it comes to romance. And in this way, romance the way God wanted it to be, has lost its flavour, and its meaning.

So often we try to impress certain people simply because of what status they may have in life. Let’s just be ourselves, stop fretting about who we’re going to get married to one day and focus on God’s will for our lives. He will bring the right person at the right time. We can trust Him for that. 🙂

And for anyone who thought that simplicity isn’t romantic, think again. 😉


4 responses to “Poverty can be romantic

  1. Awww 🙂 That is so sweet! And very romantic ❤ Awww!!! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder too about just being ourselves and not fretting about marraige…I needed it 🙂

  2. Aww… that’s a pleasure Katy!

    Yeah, I loved that picture from the minute I saw it. It was a post even before I knew it, lol!

  3. Very true! However….. (im starting in lol) I must say this… Social status also tells who a person is! How “popular” they are and how the people around react to them tells you what kind of person they are. Just because someone has money doesn’t mean they are snobs. Or because someone has nothing doesn’t mean they are a “bum” lol
    But i have to say… I CANT STAND down right SHALLOW people! Ick it sickens when someone never shows ANY feelings at all!

    Any who for us women of course we want a man who has a good paying job and can support us financially and all that. that’s perfectly ok. But if that’s the only reason your with him and that’s all he can do for you and all you care about then you have got a serious problem! I rather be homeless and loved OR hated then rich and numb (not feeling anything!)

    Oh this is a whole other thing but it came to mind. So many people (men and woman) are desperate! “Oh I need someone in my life, I cant live alone.” First off… YES YOU CAN.. second If you cant learn to be alone if you cant learn to care for yourself what are you going to do with somebody else!?!?!?! Not to mention the fact YOUR NEVER alone. God is always there waiting for you to call on him… But do I listen Nope…. (Wait how did this become about me? lol jk) Your never alone you are always with yourself and God. Learn to love God and yourself first! Then MAYBE you can think about loving someone else!

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