RE: poverty can be romantic

Following a comment on my recent post on romantic poverty, I thought I’d just like to do some additions and subtractions to the entry.

By no means do I suggest that we as women shouldn’t marry rich guys. However, what I was trying to get at is the importance of people’s character, and this should determine our choices rather than status.

If a Godly guy asks you for your hand, and he’s rich, well that’s awesome. Because you know his heart is the right place, and he will be able to teach and guide you closer to God through your relationship, and not closer to his money. (which of course is not a bad thing.) 😉

I just thought I needed to clarify this point, lest some make conclusions that I don’t appreciate girls marrying rich guys. I simply used the theory as a means to explain myself.

But most important of all, is looking forward to and holding dear what God has in store for us. Whether he’s rich, poor, tall, fat or thin, attractive or not – all of that falls out of the equation when God’s will is done. I’m not saying that you should marry a guy simply because it seems to be God’s will even though he’s overweight. No…

What I’m saying is that we should be tuned to God 24/7. Claim back femininity. God will take care of those gorgeous guys of ours as long as we serve God with all our hearts. 😀

Thanks Esther, for your insightful viewpoint. I needed that. 🙂


2 responses to “RE: poverty can be romantic

  1. Aww sweet! And thank you! hehe! Salome… you are so cool! lol Thank you for your insight too! Right on girly!

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