Dealing with regret.

Someone asked me these days: “how do you deal with regret?”

I’m no expert in such matters, or in anything else really, but below is my reply to her.


Regret… well… it’s not easy. There are a couple of things which we need to constantly remind ourselves of, and this will help us to overcome and walk through our regret.
But I also think that regret is a good thing, it keeps up humble and it keeps us at Jesus’ feet. It helps us to realise that we sinned, and have fallen short of God’s glory. It makes us hate what we’ve done, and through that, we will think very carefully before sinning again.

Remind yourself of God’s love. He gave His life just for you. And even greater, he cleansed us from our sin. He threw them into the ocean where not even God can remember what they are. Just imagine.

If past sins haunt you, then it’s usually the devil attacking you. He likes to bring old sins back, making you feel dirty and unworthy of God’s love. He will often try to attack you in the areas in your life in which God is working. If God is helping you deal with purity, then the devil will try to make you weak in that area.

The best advice I can give you is to stay very close to Jesus at ALL times. Then remind God of His promises over your life, and tell him that your life belongs to Him now, and your sin is of the past. And once we fix our eyes on Jesus, we can look forward to the goal and strive for it.


4 responses to “Dealing with regret.

  1. I am usually very good at answering these sorta questions but this time im half blank… Uh first off I totally agree.. I honestly have to say I havent done anything SO terrible that i really terribly regret it and it haunts me. I have done some things but they dont haunt me only slightly… But I do have to say you have to learn from your past. So many people refuse to learn from their past and they do the same thing over and over again. Get it through you head folks LEARN! lol

  2. Ah… next time I’ll send all requests to you Esther dear. 😉

    But yes, we have to learn from our past and from our mistakes. It’s amazing how far God can work in our lives once we allow ourselves to learn from our mistakes.

  3. Thanks for your deep thoughts you share.
    It makes me think and encourages me to put it behind and stretch forward to that which is ahead. Looking back only pulls one down. Although looking back can remind me where I comes from and reminds me of Gods generous graces taking me out of it. Have a lovely day.

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