You’re SOOO beautiful!

Somehow, our culture has sucked away the innocence of us girls. So much focus is put on our outer appearance and how we look to men and people, that God gets shoved right out the back door.

Let’s claim our beauty back. Let’s return to the One who made us women who could never be more beautiful.

Psst… Thanks Kasie.


3 responses to “You’re SOOO beautiful!

  1. You’re welcome. 🙂

    I love this song! It really hits home with me, ’cause when I was around 13 or 14 I bought into the lie that a girl has to be physically attractive to be considered beautiful. I wasn’t at all overweight to begin with, but I ate less and less everyday, almost became anorexic! If God hadn’t gotten a hold of me sooner, I wouldn’t have been able to bear children in a few months’ time.

    To this day I still struggle a little with outward beauty, and have to constantly remind myself that God made loves me the way I am. That’s why I love this song so much! I know there are millions of girls out there who feel like I did, even a minor case such as mine.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment. Just thought I would share! God bless Salome!

  2. Please don’t feel sorry for the long comment Kasie. That was beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing that.
    Who knows, maybe someone needed to read this today.

    I’m gonna send you a one liner email right now.

  3. Lol YA KASIE! haha If I had known that at that time though i woulda slapped you! lol I woulda been like Kasie get it in your head girl… outer looks really dont matter! What matters is your heart and well that your healthy! Yup but Thanks for posting that Kase so many girls need that inspiration! Oh wait i forgot this aint my blog lol well THANKS ANY WAY! lol

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