Youth day

Yesterday was probably the most interesting and eventful youth day I’ve ever experienced.

Sit back and listen to this story of mine… 😉

I got up at 5:30 so that I could still be in my office by 6 to post some articles to the PP website in time for the youth day events, but alas, I struggled to get out of bed. Yes, I know typical me. *rolls eyes* So I ended up only leaving the house at 6:30. Now, the agreement was that I would leave with the TLW group at 6:45. This left 15 minutes to run to my office, send the articles, and run back to the departure point in time to leave with the others from my youth group.

Needless to say, I decided not to risk it. There’s no way that I could even possibly be late and miss the youth day outreach. So I sent a sms to Hennie saying that I’m not going to make it.

Well, I and Robyn ended waiting 15 minutes for the two guys, which was time I could’ve used to post the articles. But yeah, we left at 7:00.

So, this was a 3 and a half hour drive, all the way to Sodwana Bay, close the border of Mozambique. But Themba drove a little speedier than I thought, and for some reason, I got car sick. Yes, I know, it hardly happens, but this time it did. The road was pretty windy (is that how you spell it?) and I just tried to close my eyes, and dig my head into directions so that the nausea feeling would disappear.

We were meant to be there by 10:00. I didn’t even know where we were going. I was under the impression that we were headed to Richard’s Bay, but Salomé followed her eavesdropping directions again instead of asking. 😀

When we reached Sodwana Bay, we waited at the market for about an hour and a half for the pastor to finish all the arrangements. While we all waited, the pastor bought bananas, some vegetables etc. Finally at 12:00 we left to go to the church.

When we arrived, I just saw Zionists all around, and all of them were headed into the same direction. The four of us in the car thought to ourselves, “are we going to be talking to Zionists?” Whoa, I pondered to myself, what an experience this will be.

Much to our surprise, the pastor told us that they whole church has been waiting for us. We were under the impression that we are just here to talk to them about purity. But nope… the stage was all ours.

The service took place in a smallish brick building. All the congregation members were neatly dressed in their white and blue attire and their singing was out of this world. They used two handmade African drums for particular songs, and the rest of the other songs, all the boys would make the beat and rhythm of the songs with their mouths. It was just a beautiful African singing experience. The African people have such a gift for music.

So, after all the speaking, singing, and still speaking, and sitting for four hours, my butt was at sore as can be. I was beginning to eat at the sweets on the table in front of me just to keep my concentrated on what was being said.

The youth were so receptive to our message. That’s the most important part. If we were able to make a difference in just one young person’s life, then it was all worth it.

At 15:00, we had our lunch. Robyn and I were starving (no wonder we nibbled away so many sweets during the service) and they cooked such good food. The women would sit in the kitchen on the floor while all the men sat in the lounge on sofas. Seeing that we were visitors, we were honoured to sit on the sofas as well while we ate. Robyn and I felt a little awkward having to sit amongst all these elderly men while the women and children sat aside on the floor. But yeah, that’s culture differences.

We left at 16:00, and this time, when we stopped at the petrol station, I and Robyn got some drinks and gulped down a nausea tablet each. (Thanks Robs) 🙂 And after all our trouble, Jan ended up driving along the highway instead of the windy road we took in the morning. Lol…
We got home at 7:30, and I went over to Robs for a while to have something to eat and some good hot milo. Boy, was that good, after a day of no coffee. You can imagine just how I must have struggled with withdrawal symptoms. Haha…

Well, maybe I should end off with the main point… guys and girls, make the most of your youth. The fact that we had an entire public holiday dedicated just for us should entice us to go out there and just shout our values and morals out to the entire world. (I know that youth day was inaugurated for a very different purpose, but today we can use it for a lot of things)

So get out there, be young and be zealous for God!


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