Let God use me

I think the perception that a lot of us have is that God can only use us fully when a set of conditions have been met. We expect to be treated like other Christians, our popularity should receive a little flavour in the Church and our position should be somewhat of a favourable kind which will allow us to make more effective changes.

When I realised how selfish I am, I broke down. How can I expect God to use me when I demand to have my unneccesary needs met?

I marvel at the way God uses some extremely ordinary people in some extra-ordinary ways.
Do we complain about the discomforts that come with God’s package? Do we moan about the long hours and little sleep God’s work requires? When will we realise that God does not sleep, and there is no time for loafing around?

This morning, as I was driving to work, I saw a little girl sitting in a wheelchair on the side of the road. She stretched her neck back to see us go by. I have a deep love and compassion for disabled people. People who’m others regard as an inconvenience in society, and a distraction to what really matters.
Didn’t God come for the needy?
Then how come we simply don’t have any hands, feet, time and feelings to help a crippled lady with a dirty ragged dress who only wishes to sit at the edge of the church pew to hear the sermon? Or hug the dirty street kid who has no mother and absolutely no one to buy him a clean nappy?
Why is it so hard to serve God where He places us? Is it so difficult for us to answer the Call?

If God calls you to wash wheelchairs at the old age home, or show love to lonely children by cleaning nappies at your local child care centre, then do it. With all your heart.

I was pondering on the story of Phillip this morning. He served at the table. An ordinary job. But God used him in such a way that the blessings just flowed out of Him. When God wants to use someone, no one can prevent the blessings that flow from such a person’s life. It will be like a ball pushed under water that just keeps popping to the surface.

And God later used Phillip in even more remarkable ways by snatching him away to minister to the Ethiopian. And then selflessly letting Peter and them continue with his ministry back in Jerusalem.

Oh may God hear the desperate cry of my heart.
Use me oh God. Here I am. With no conditions attached. Only one: use me.


One response to “Let God use me

  1. Lomé, how much I love you, my dear sister!!
    Look to you is a so special thing, cause your heart is just from Jesus! There isnt nothing more beautiful them it!! I’m missing you so much!! Hope you be nice, like I know God is blessing and calling you over and over!! You are a really special girl!!! Just Love you!!! Many kisses and the Peace of God!! 😉

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