Princess or pauper?

Which do you and I settle for? Are we merely satisfied with being a pauperess (if there’s a word like that) or do we strive to be a prince or princess in God’s sight?

How do you deal with past sin?

Obviously, when we come to the Cross, God forgives us. But there are certain consequences that we often have to face as a result of our decisions to sin.
Or satan tries to bring things back, temptations come in forms and angles where you know you have a weak spot. How do you deal with that?

I’ve asked God to help me to do away with sin. To kill it. Brutally.

Yesterday, one of my ex-boyfriends tried to contact me.
Actually, I had just had a shower, and came out as the phone rang. I noticed two missed calls from a weird number. I realised it was an international number, and tried to call back but realised that I had very little credit left on my world call card.

I tried to think who it could be, and found myself praying that the person might call again. Why not? I love getting calls from my international friends.
I sent an sms saying that I’m sorry I missed the call but hope we could talk soon. I wanted to crack my head not knowing who this was.

But then… I looked at the number again, very closely. Why did it look so familiar? That was a Kenya code…

Whaaaaattt??? How DARE you?? Darn it!

Suddenly I realised who it was. I started praying that he wouldn’t call again. I DO NOT want to talk to him.
I wanted to kick myself for even sending the sms and trying to call back. “Get away from me, you wretched satan!!” I groaned.

When past sin tries to re-enter our lives, no matter how faintly, we need to stand on our ground.
Especially when it involves past relationships. It’s finished. Done. Over. No turning back. NEVER. No talk. No messages. The relationship was wrong, outside of God’s will, so it’s O.V.E.R.

I want to strive to be a princess in God’s sight. Because if I’m going to settle for second best, I will miss out on many of God’s blessings that He has for me. I could’ve easily allowed that phone call to take a hold on me, because that’s what the enemy wants, but God was so good. He protected me in what may seem a small way, but He kept me longer in the shower so that I could miss the call.

We serve a great God. And I just realised that every wrong choice we make is because we fail to choose God’s protection and provision. He’s there, but we just reject Him.

Thank you God, for protecting me.


3 responses to “Princess or pauper?

  1. Great post! Wow. That’s a pretty scary thing. My aunt has a situation like that, except much more extreme.

    I will be praying for your protection!

  2. Ja, thank you for not making contact again, that is great. It is wonderful what He has done for you and how you react to situations like this. A real heavenly princess attitude.

  3. I wouldn’t have called him a devil now lol But yes its a very good thing you were able to keep away from the temptation! God protected you alright even in the littlest way. Just make sure you dont forget to forgive the guy though you may never speak to the guy ever again! (just double checking!)

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