What if?

I wonder what it feels like a week before you get married? Those of you who are married will be able to offer some insight. I can’t say though, because I’m not in that situation. But…

About two weeks ago, I visited a good friend of mine, for what will probably have been our last sleepover. She got married last week.

It was quite an experience and an excitement, visiting a friend in the height of all her wedding arrangements and her own excitement.

I thought it was classical how she would imagine her future life. Every now and then, she’d say, “next week this time…” and the family would rejoin and say, “next week this time…”.
I can imagine her and her family now saying, “last week this time…” 😉

I love how the Bible compares our relationship with God as a betrothal. When God returnes to fetch us, we will get married. It will be the Great Wedding day.
Just like our earthly marriages, future husbands and wives prepare themselves to a great extent for their big day. Everything has to be in place, no creases and no mishaps.

Here’s the million-dollar question: what if we were to get Married next week?

Ever thought about it?
What would our lives be like this week if we knew our Wedding was next week?
But the truth is, we don’t know when our Wedding will be, and we never will.
But if we did know, would we be able to rejoice and say, “next week this time, I’ll be discovering my heavenly mansion,” or “next week this time, I hope to have met David or Mary”.
Or… will we hastily be busy trying to tie loose ends and figure out who our groom actually is, when we haven’t even considered acquiring our Wedding gown?

Strikingly enough, the day after my friend’s wedding, a dear lady in our church passed away. The next Sunday, a new couple got engaged.
It’s the way life goes, like a cycle. But have we made it habitual, so much so that we don’t actively spend time with God, with His people, with His work to prepare for that Great day?

What are our lives like? If God had to come next week, or even today, are our wedding arrangements taken care of, or will be crying in sheer devastation?

Live your life today, as if it’s your last.


3 responses to “What if?

  1. WOW! What an interesting thought! =:) it’s so true! And we should be acting like we can’t wait for it! We should be preparing ourselves just like we are trying to prepare ourselves now for our future husbands and homes! And yet, we don’t look forward to that each day and wonder “is today going to be the day?” or anything like that. We don’t try to prepare ourselves, and others, for that day when our “Bridegroom” is going to come for us! How sad! =:(

    That was a great insight and lesson Salome’! Thank you!

    Love and Hugs!

  2. Great post, Salomé!

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately – we recently got a new computer, and ever since then my RSS reader is all messed up, so I need to get all my blogs back on.:-) Thank you so much for posting this though! That’s what I really need to hear. God bless!

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