Happy Spring Day

Today is the first day of Spring! What a beautiful day in life and in meaning.

For my friends on the northern side of the hemisphere, happy Autumn. 😉

Last year, I wrote a great deal of articles for Purity People on the
meaning of Spring in our lives, especially pertaining to purity. I
really feel like sharing some of it here, but I want to keep you all
in suspense as I hope to write a fresh article on that for Feelin’
soon. So check in there sometime.

But I still have a few thoughts…

Gosh, life can get hard sometimes. Ever had those days when you just
wish that everything could come to a complete standstill, so that you
can just stop, think and take a deep breath and let out all the tears
I sure have. God didn’t promise us roses all the time.
Perhaps He did – don’t roses have thorns? (I’ll do some research on
this concept and post about it later. It just suddenly crossed my

Last night, I was thinking about the joy I have in my heart. Simply
because I’m a child of God. That’s why I’m joyful. Not happy, but
The Christian life doesn’t come with non-stop joy. But I’ve come to
realise that God will give us sufficient strength to get through the
hard times, and what’s what I call real joy.
It’s an inner peace and contentment that God is there, I can always
run to Him, and He WILL come to my aid. He promised us.

But here’s something to think about… are we joyful even in those hard
times? Can you still smile at your little siblings when they’ve just
sucked your headphones for the past 10 minutes? Can you still smile
when your father asks you to feed to animals when you’ve just about
broken your back bending over in getting an energetic 3 year old out
of the bath? Can we still count it all joy when we are laughed and
scoffed at when we tell a young person the ridiculously wonderful
truth that we don’t date? Can we still smile when an
unpleasant-smelling beggar asks you for something to eat, and all you
have is your two sandwiches which you bought with the last few rands
in your purse?

I’ve made a commitment to God that I will strive to be joyful in all
things. It’s not easy, but didn’t God say that we will not be tempted
above what we can bear, because when temptation comes, He will also
give us a way of escape? Very often, the escape route is joy.

2 Samuel 6 is a beautiful illustration of this joy. A number of verses
in the chapter emphasize the joy that David was experiencing and how
he spilt out his joy before the Lord, unashamedly.
There’s too many verses to quote, but do yourself a favour and go and
read that chapter.

Here’s another beautiful thought: along with joy, comes humility. In
verse 20, Michal confronted David and said that his behaviour was
inappropriate before the slave girls. David replied and said that he
will be joyful before the face of the Lord and that he will humble
himself even lower than the slave girls.
This is just so striking for me, and so contradictory. But it’s true,
if you’re humble, you’ll be joyful.

Have you ever noticed how sad proud people are? It’s as if they are
discontent with everything. And we never seem to make the conclusion,
but now, it just hits home to me.

These are just some random thoughts. I didn’t put a lot of effort into
writing this post as I usually do with most of the others, but it’s
just been so heavy on my heart lately.

Being joyful in all things, at all times, and be joyful in humility.
It’s a choice that we make. During the hard times, joy doesn’t come
automatically. No, you choose to be joyful. “I know my feelings are
saying this, but I CHOOSE to be joyful before the Lord.”
Your feelings will always follow your will. If you guide your will be
to joyful, your feelings will follow. It’s hard to believe that, but
it’s a very comforting thought – we can control our feelings.

On that note, I remember that I need to post about something else that
I’ve wanted to write about for some time. Those of you who have
personal contact with me, please remind me. It’s important. 🙂

Happy Spring (Autumn) “and whatever day it is on your side of the globe” day! 😀


2 responses to “Happy Spring Day

  1. Dear joyful lome. I can just say that i learn a lot from you and is blessed with the way you handle situations with joy. To go on even though the dishes is slowly growing sky high. The babies nappies needs to be changed at the same time but then the cellphone rings and you answer it friendly even though you are busy. May His joy be your strength and overflow to others. With joy in Him saar

  2. Salome,
    Happy Fall, from the USA!
    I just found your blog a few weeks ago, and I have been encouraged by your insights and words God has you share.
    In this post, you mentioned how God gives us roses which have thorns.
    As you dwell on that, I encourage you to read Amy Carmichael’s book, “Rose from Briar”, and the poem by the same name. I’m sure that Amy wouldn’t mind me sharing it with you, so here it is:

    Rose from Briar
    by Amy Carmichael

    Thou hast not that, My child, but thou hast Me;
    And am not I alone enough for thee?
    I know it all, know how thy heart was set
    Upon this joy which is not given yet.

    And well I know how through the wistful days
    Thou walkest all the dear familiar ways
    As unregarded as a breath of air;
    But there in love and longing, always there.

    I know it all; but from thy briar shall blow
    A rose for others. If it were not so
    I would have told thee. Come, then, say to Me:
    My Lord, my Love, I am content with Thee.

    I hope you love her poetry as much as I do!
    Love to you, sister in Christ.
    Ellen Davis

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