A number of girls have randomly asked me, “It’s my boyfriend’s birthday soon, what should I buy for him?”  

Have you ever given it some real personal thought?   Hardly any girl really knows what to buy for guys. Why? Because we’ve lost track of the greatest gift that a guy needs from us. Next time you wonder what you should get for a guy, give him the gift of mystery.  
Guys love mysteriousness, and girls who are mysterious probably chart the top of their list, unless their centeredness is roaming outside of Christ. 
The continual search, the wonder, and awe after a girl, shouldn’t merely be because of outer beauty, but rather because her heart is so protectively nestled within God’s hands, that a guy has to go to Christ, to be able to find it. Mysteriousness is a godly characteristic, and it implies a life lived in purity. A mysterious girl never plays with her pearl of purity, she never flirts her way to attention, and neither will she let physical affection or an emotional spin, take her focus off her goal. She will never freely hug guys, but will constantly be on guard to protect her soft heart from any danger that might snatch her love away. 
And the guys gawk. Do such girls still exist? What’s up with her? Why won’t she let me? 
And he searches. She’s got something, and it’s special. She’s not just your average girl. 
If guys had to be honest with us, in why they would want to pursue us, what would they say? Because we so easily just let our weak hearts melt into their hands, or because, no matter how hard they try to touch our hearts, they only bump their head against God’s mighty hands? 
Should we allow our hearts to melt away before they’ve been molded by God, they will be malformed when they land in the hands of the wrong guy. Rather, let the Potter shape us into beautiful vessels, so that our testimony would one day settle all the misunderstood mysteries of romance in the world. 
And so too, will we ever guard our God-given gift of mystery, only to let God unfold it at the altar.  So girls and guys, unfold some mystery in your life, today.


6 responses to “Mysteries

  1. Hi Salome and fellow readers!

    I like this post, and I agree that we shouldn’t “wear our heart on our sleeve”, in other words, we should guard our hearts.

    But I think that the greatest gift we can give a guy is respect. This gift is not something we should just lavish on all guys–use discernment. Be “mysterious” in the sense that your heart is not just open to everyone, AND be respectful. Affirm him, encourage him. When he leads something in a godly way, be encouraging! But don’t give your heart away in the process.
    My foundation for thinking this way is Ephesians 5:22-25. My parents have also read a book “Love and Respect” by Dr. Emmerson Eggerich.
    Here’s a link to the view on love and respect:
    I know this is in the context of marriage, but the point is really good. It translates into guy/girl relationships, too, as well as father/daughter and mother/son relationships.

    I hope you check out the link, or at least read the verses and pray for God to give you the wisdom they contain.


  2. great post , Lomé!

    I’ve read too the book Ellen talked about. It’s very very interesting the diference between men and women. Women are called to respect and honor their husbands and men are called to love. Respect and love are different things. Men like to be honored and respected and women like to be loved.

    Anyway, I would like to work very hard to own her heart bit a bit, slowly because I really appreciate girl’s easylessness.

  3. Thanks Leandro and Ellen.

    However, I wouldn’t say that mystery is THE greatest gift we can give a guy. It’s just ONE of the great gifts.
    I think though that with the gift of mystery comes respect.
    A guy will ultimately respect you for your mysteriousness, and out respect for him, you will be mysterious. 🙂 That’s my interpretation.

    I think though, that this is a very great topic to discuss, we could probably go on for long. 🙂

  4. Whoopsy……. I hug to many guys…. lol but it never means any thing! isnt that ok? Its like a sisterly thing

  5. Well, it depends Esther.
    However, I would advise you to seriously pray about it. For us as girls, hugs seem innocent all the time. But we never know how great a young man’s struggle is to keep himself pure simply because a hug allows him to be pressed against our body.
    I can’t tell anyone what to do in this regard. For me, I have chosen to keep even a hug for my husband. I know my weakness. And it might cause the guy to stumble.

    Perhaps I can try to do a post on this and share my thoughts.

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