Do NOT Rest!

I will not grow weary of serving God.
I will not get tired of shining my light.
I will not rest until I have breathed my last breath in carrying out God’s will.

He has promised to be there for us, to strengthen us, and to grant us the desires which He has laid on our hearts.

Last night in my fatigue, I bent down to pick up a little card on my bedroom floor which appeared from nowhere. (It obviously fell out of a book or something.) It was meant for me, and it was the words I needed to hear.

“You who remind the Lord of His promises – do not rest.”  ~ Isaiah 62:6


And on a more lighter note, I won’t get tired of being cheerful today. A happy birthday to my brother Ronaldo. You’re getting way too big, way too soon. 😀


Ever seen cute and naughty combined? This ^ is it! Happy birthday little bro...


7 responses to “Do NOT Rest!

  1. Yes, I have had similar experiences. I love how God will give me JUST what I need, when I need it in HIS little ways. 🙂 I am glad this comforted you dear friend! 😀 It truly is lovely! I loved this line “grant us the desires which He has laid on our hearts.” Wow! Just what “I” needed to read today! ;D

    Aww, your little brother is so cute! How old is he now? 🙂 HeHe, yeah, I’ve seen that look before! Lol! ;D I’ve got to brothers who can match that look! 😀


  2. My so strong friend!!
    How much special you are!!
    How much Lovely God is, creating someone like you, and giving you so beautiful feelings!!
    You’re totally true!!
    We can never rest, until God’s will come true in the earth!!
    God gives you more and more big dreams!!
    Love you!!
    Missing… 🙂

  3. Rach, Ronaldo turned 3 yesterday. He didn’t enjoy the day so much because he’s down with the flu.
    We’ll do the cake and partying today. Hopefully he’ll enjoy it more. 🙂

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