That driving force

I’m driven. I’m inspired and challenged. Every minute of my life.
There’s an itch within my being that prickles at every available opportunity, and silent it won’t be.

I’m naive. I think I can change the world, and I want to. However, I can’t. But I’m gonna try.
Changing the world rests in the fingertips of God, who with a single move, can sway the oceans apart.
But I’d much rather attempt to make a difference, than idly waiting around for a single soul to minister to, who may not cross paths with me unless I get up and walk forward in faith.

Why am I so driven? And with so much passion?

As a continuation effort to my post on Predujiced, I couldn’t help but marvel at the assurance of my salvation.
How often don’t I tell kids, “I’ve been there, done that. So don’t try it.”
“Salomé, we’ve heard that tons of times!”

“So wake up!!!!!”
Life is not a game, and neither is the dating game, so chuck that phrase out of your vocabulary.

At times, I wish I could re-live my life. I’d do things so differently. I’d live a pure life.
But then, perhaps now more than ever, I’m thankful for the hard lessons I had to learn in life, for purity tastes so much more sweeter now.
I now embrace it more tighter than anyone can ever imagine because I know what I’ve lost, and I know what I’ve gained.

Christ is my ever present helpmeet, my guide, my inspiration and my life-long Lover.
Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s fair to say He predujiced me into loving Him. Oh, how sweet the thought. 🙂


One response to “That driving force

  1. Wonderful post! 🙂 Thank you for the comment and the kind words. I haven’t crocheted in a while. I prefer knitting over crocheting but love both.


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