Birthday and… a Giveaway!

Today is my blog’s 2nd birthday. By this time, babies usually can walk pretty well, but they’re not yet so fluent in their words.

Whether I can say the same about my blog, well, I’m not sure, but it sure feels like it. I don’t blog as often as I want to, and yet I often have SO much to share. So I guess I still need to ‘find my voice’ in some way here.

Anyway, onto a lighter note, let’s celebrate in some way, even though I don’t like celebrating for personal reasons. 😉 I’d love to do a giveaway, but I have not a cooking clue as to what the prize should be.
Soooo… keep guessing, I’ll be back tomorrow.

(ohh, the suspense, I’m lovin’ it.) 😛


4 responses to “Birthday and… a Giveaway!

  1. Congratulations Salome’!!!! 😀 Oh, what fun! Hmm, I didn’t know your blogiversary was so close to ours. 😉 Ours will be on the 30th of this month. 🙂 *grins*

    Thank you for the amazing time that you have been my dear friend! 😀 God has truly blessed me with your sweet friendship. 🙂 I wish you all the best for you and your little blog! 🙂

    All my love,

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