To ponder on…

The world sometimes associates walking on the Narrow Way with neing narrow-minded.

Must we risk walking on the Broad Way for the world to applaud us as being broadminded?

I’ve come to believe that in the song of my life there are some hauntingly beautiful notes that would seem to resonate best during times of difficulty.

It’s regrettable that outer beauty is just skin-deep, but the precious truth is that inner beauty has a way of welling up from the innermost to the uttermost.

Taken from Just a Thought by Fano Sibisi President of CFT International


One response to “To ponder on…

  1. Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain an idea without accepting it.” He’d uncovered a truth. The Apostle Paul under divine inspiration put it like this, “Test everything, hold on to the good.”

    The Narrow Way is not a synonym for single mindedness but rather synonymous with intellectual integrity.

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