“So it was alway”

“So it was alway” – though the year that’s over,
‘Mid all the false and fleeting things of time,
One certain hope, one trust, one rock unfailing,
God and His faithfulness were ever mine.

“So it was alway” – streams of grace unbounded
Flowed from the fountain of Eternal Love.
Was e’er His love less than I had fondly fancied?
Nay, but far greater than I had hoped to prove.

“So it was alway” – when I sighed for comfort.
Jesus was ready at my side to cheer;
Never He wearied of my need and sorrow,
Ever my solace through the passing year.

“So it was alway” – did I look for counsel?
Pillars of cloud and fire were e’er my guide,
Through winding paths, and stranger voices calling,
Still the Good Shepherd kept me at His side.

“So it was alway” – when the way was lonely,
His was the Presence that was ever mine,
Steadfast, unchanging, never absent Lover,
Safely our hearts may trust this Friend divine.

Find in the past a promise for the future,
What God hath been He evermore shall be;
Count on His power – His love shall be thy portion
Through this new year, yea, through eternity.

                                                               ~ Helena Garratt


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