Sorry little fella…

What with all the rush to complete my studies in time, I have to admit I have totally neglected this here ol’ friend of mine who got shoved into the corner for a couple of months.
My dear blog… *pitiful face*

However, there’s hope in sight since my study journey has finally come to an end and I’ve safely anchored that boat into the pages of my history books, as many a storm as there were along the way, I did reach the destination.

Now I can give some more attention to this lonesome and forlorn figure who seems to thrive under such care.

Well… perhaps that’s my own congenial interpretation. 🙂


2 responses to “Sorry little fella…

  1. *like* (I would “like” it, but I don’t have a wordpress)

    Missed you! Can’t wait to hear what you’ll be doing now that you’re finished with your studies. Congratulations! Yay! You made it! *blows noisemaker while throwing confetti*

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