What kind of woman are you?

It’s August. The month of heavy winds and with the wind, mild sand-storms. But it’s also the last month of winter, announcing the coming Spring in September.

Apart from the weather, it is Womens’ Month, with August the 9th the official celebration day. Year in and year out, South Africa debate about their political agenda regarding Womens’ Day, and every year, the previous argument/s is still unsettled.

But no matter which country you live in, there is one agenda which should be an extreme priority – our relationship with God. When this gets placed on the table for discussion, then politics just flies right out the window.

It might not be Womens’ Month in your country, but it is in mine.
Which leads me to asking, what kind of woman are you? What kind of woman am I?

Our lives are stacked with choices and decisions, and it’s up to us what we’ll do with them and how we’ll let them determine our route forward. I learnt this lesson in an intriguing way recently. I’ll explain.

I  have two birthnames. Salomina Maria. The first, Salomina has been shortened to Salomé, which is what I go by today. Maria is the Afrikaans version for Mary.

Let’s begin with Salomé. This is a Biblical name, however, in the Bible it is written without the accent on the ‘e’. I’m not exactly sure how many Salome’s are mentioned in the Bible, but over time, I had always narrowed them down to 2.

Firstly, King Herod’s daughter was named Salome. She was the girl who danced before Herod, arose his lusts to such an extent that he promised her anything, even if it was half of his kingdom. She then went to her mother who told her to ask for John the Baptist’s head on a tray which is exactly what she did, and exactly what she received.

Then, there was Salome who witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus with Mary at Golgotha. She also went with Mary to the grave on the morning of the resurrection to put spices on Jesus’ body, however the angel appeared to them, and they were the first to meet Jesus.
Salome was also the  mother of John and James, the sons of Zebedee. John and James were also called the sons of thunder. I’m not sure though if this is the same woman who went with Mary to the grave.

The meaning of the name Salome is: peaceable; perfect; he that rewards (Hitchcock’s Bible Names)

Now I have not done an in-depth study on the names of Mary in the Bible, but I have learnt a great deal from the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, herself.
She must’ve been only a teenager when God approached her with His Holy task. She was of royal line, but she and her family were poor and lived from hand to mouth.
We came into this world with absolutely nothing, and so we will leave it. We too are princesses of heaven, of royal line – what are we like? What do we behave and live like?
Mary was an amazing girl. She was prepared to lose and sacrifce everything for the Messiah. Even though outwardly, the whole situation looked like a disgrace, yet everything of her was so blessed, even her breasts which nursed our Lord.
How much am I prepared to sacrifice for the Messiah? When He sacrificed His all for me…

The meaning of the name Mary is: rebellion (Hitchcock’s Bible Names)

What a choice she made! The requests of our Lord is difficult. But if we have God’s nature and His Holy Spirit in us, guiding us, we will have the strength.
Was there ever any trace of rebellion in Mary? No!

And Mary said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word”.   
Luke 1:38                                                                                                                                              

So many choices. I’m sure you’re already coming to conclusions, but I came to these:

– I can decide which type of Salome I will be. Will I bring peace, or will I bring death?
– Of my two names, will I be peaceful, or will I have a nature of rebellion in me?
– Can I, like Mary, decide against the characteristics and become an instrument in the hand of God?
– What choices will I make today? Will they bring peace, or death?

Let’s examine our lives and place them in God’s spotlight to see what kind of women we are. When we are in God’s spotlight, decision making is all the more easier with so much light to see what to do and where to go.


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