KwaMhlanga Outreach – Part 2

Sleeping quarters...

I would’ve written this a whole lot sooner, but… needless to say, I just recently got back from another trip (where shall I fit that report in??) and I came back sick. Since then I’ve been rushing to finish studies.

Now, I’m finished.

Let’s see…

I was trying to figure out where I left off previously, but I need to mention that we were really many on the bus. As I said before, our numbers were about 100, the exact nr something between 97 and 98. We’ll make it 100.
There were a few times throughout the journey when we passed through traffic control points and I really wondered what officers must’ve thought about this overloaded bus of young people singing spiritual songs about some… Revival… you say? I’ll share two instances.
At one particular point in Heidelberg, not too far out from Johannesburg, the bus had to pass through a weight control point. As our bus drivers spoke with the authorities, we waited. Then, our dear driver came and just explained the situation to us and nicely asked a number of the guys at the back to move forward and stand along the centre so that the weight of the bus would be even. Us girls grabbed a lot of the luggage and bags that we had put in the centre to use as comfortable floor seats 😉 and placed these on our laps lest the guys, in their hurry, walked all over our stuff. (Not that they would mean to, the poor lads…)
And we got through. When we were through, one of the co-worker women in our midst silenced us for a prayer and we thanked the Lord for His help and guidance – we thought we would be too many but God carried us through for He had work for us to do on the other side. I marveled at the wisdom.

Later on, again – it was already dark and we were anxious to reach our destination. We still needed to sing that night (and upon our arrival, learnt that the whole service was halted as everyone waited just for us to arrive).
We passed through another traffic control point, and yes you guessed it, we were pulled over. I instantly started praying in my heart that God would come down and intervene. Now at this point, we were pretty much quiet in the bus, only chatting amongst ourselves, because there was radio communication between us at the back and the drivers in the horse as to where exactly we were to go. So when we pulled over, everything was quiet. But then again, my heart jumped and marveled at the wisdom that God has bestowed upon the elders in our midst who broke the silence with a song, singing about the Gospel that we are taking out. No one came into the bus, and we left without any further hassle. How great is our God!

Upon arrival, as I mentioned, we found everyone waiting for us. This caused the service to be pushed back by an hour or even more. But we had barely sat down, and our pastor asked us to come and sing. This is what we came to do, right? Forward we went, and sang.

Intombi, mayihlukene nesono
Ithi geleleqe!
Uyayibona nom’ isehamba
Ukuthi lentombi ihlukene neson’

Insizwa, mayihlukene nesono
Ithi geleleqe!

(When a young girl seperates from sin,
It’s clear!
Even when she walks, you can see
That she’s seperated from sin)

(When a young man seperates from sin,
It’s clear!

If I had to summarise the sermon for you, this post would be super long. Let’s move on…

After the service, which was held under the open night sky and a few tents, we were summoned to the dining hall nearby for supper. At 10pm. Whoa! I wasn’t hungry – at all, in fact, I had eaten too much bread during the day. I’m not used to eating bread, but when you’re a missionary, you’re a soldier, and you can’t fuss. So all I needed was some privacy – how uncomfortable I felt, and having driven the long bus drive like that. But privacy, there was none to find.
Soooo, some more soldiering to do. 😛

Got to the dining hall, and there wasn’t just food, but a MEAL! With beef stew! Didn’t I tell you that we ate meat the whole weekend?! It started here! So, I ate my meal and what did I find… ? Bathrooms! Hooray!

From here, there was still about a 30 minute drive to our sleeping quarters. And what fun the missionary sleeping part was. 😀

Part 3 to follow.


2 responses to “KwaMhlanga Outreach – Part 2

  1. Thank you for your comment , my dear. Ive been reading your blog for a long time, it is very special and one of my favourite readings.
    Take this, for example. I read the story and I “live” it across the world, as if Im right there.
    Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

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