You trip & fall, then wonder why.

I recently read a post a friend of mine wrote about ‘The Dangers of Mr Darcy’ – that magnificent, majestic character that makes your blood pump every time you reach to open your dvd cupboard.

I was introduced the world of Jane Austen quite a number of years ago, (I recall I must’ve been about 18 at the time) by a friend when we watched ‘Pride & Predujice’ during a sleepover. The story didn’t quite dig into my flesh, but it prickled my senses enough to want to watch it again two or three years down the line, just… when my memory stood by my side.

And then… I was hooked.
A Jane Austen fan for life.

Or so I thought.

This time, it wasn’t about being hooked, it was obsession, addiction. Evil manipulation from the hand of satan. I watched the story over and over again.
No, let’s be more truthful, I watched particular scenes over and over. The story was already in my mind, and I was in the story.

A couple of weeks after that, a friend lent me and a friend ‘Sense & Sensibility’. Hmm… but by now, my conscience was poking at me – I knew where this was heading, not to mention all the other movies in my collection that contained love themes in them.

With every movie you watch, your world of fantasy and daydreaming takes a major sharp and ‘Kaapse’ turn, and with each addition, your future husband changes into somebody else. Just like that. Magical… you’d say?
You live in two worlds, the real world, for about one third of the time, but only barely, simply because you have no escape from this world, and the other two thirds of the time is spent in your world of fantasy. And any interruption, and really, ANY distraction, is so huge, it justifies some grumbling. Oh why not, your script JUST had to be halted, at the height of its climax?!

And your family keep wondering…

“My family, who are they…?”

“Oh those people! I remember them. Yeah… yeah, uh, … *back to my script*”

Do you see the trend? You literally forget about everything else because you are so absorbed into your thoughtlife, and you are so afraid that you’ll miss one second of your virtual movie playing across your mind.

God was gracious to me. He grabbed a hold of my hand just as I was slipping down deeper into the miry pit.

His grip was firm and secure. I knew I’d be safe.

What does that mean? Did God come and help me to slowly and in time conquer this weakness?
Some smokers think that they can stop smoking that way. They lessen their nicottien (sp?) intake, smoke lites and think that by gradually training their lungs to smoke less, they would someday… arrive at the destination of ‘smoke-free’.

It doesn’t work that way friends. You quit smoking by throwing away your cigarrettes (you can burn them too – punch the devil in the face) and then depend on God for your strength, so that when temptation does come your way, you have courage and grace by your side. The battle is not ours to fight, but God’s.

My father came home and said that we are to get rid of all our dvd’s that has ANY love theme in it, even if it’s just a hint. And it was done. He took them, and got rid of them.
My first reaction was… ‘why? There’s nothing wrong with that film!’

… Considering the battle I had just been fighting.

In time, I saw God’s goodness toward us, but especially towards me. He knew that I needed a thorough cleaning. And since that time, I’ve grown more and more thankful towards the Lord for that extremely firm grip with which He pulled me out of the pit. Or I might not have come out at all.

We do NOT realise the dangers that lie in the movies we watch. A simple kiss between a guy and girl in a film can make a girl’s mind race for days and weeks on end, and she will replay that scene a million times in her mind’s player, visualising it with so and so, or that person, regardless of the fact whether you fast forwarded the scene or not.
What you see infiltrates your mind.

I’m no longer a Jane Austen fan. Because it only gives me a fake and more correctly, a wrong idea of what love should be like. Christ has already told me what it should look like. Watching films with other ideas and notions allows my heart to support that which is wrong and to subtely agree with it, simply because the story is, oh…. SOOOO cute?!

Perhaps we all ought to go to our dvd cupboards and have a good look at our collection, ask the Holy Spirit to speak and purify that which is not pleasing to Him.

For you trip and fall, and then you wonder why.

Oh be careful little eyes what you see
Oh be careful little eyes what you see
For the Father up above
Is looking down in love
Oh be careful little eyes what you see


4 responses to “You trip & fall, then wonder why.

  1. Salome, that is so true. I know that girls are so susceptible to the false images of love portrayed in novels and movies. Life isn’t like that. I have been married for 31 years and I love my godly husband, but life just isn’t like the movies. No one is like those people who are in those stories. They might have a defect, but by the end of the book/movie they are pretty much perfect. And you know that the hero and heroine will live happily ever after.

    The truth is, we are on a journey and Christ is sanctifying us, but it doesn’t take the length of one novel or one movie. And “happily ever after” only happens when we see Him face to face. These movies give false hopes, expecatations, and fill our minds with candy that is not good for us.

    By the way, a very godly young man I know said to me recently, “I think I’ve got a crush on the girl in “Tangled”.” He was mostly in jest, of course, (it’s an animation), but I think perhaps men are susceptible in some ways, as well.

  2. Hi Salome!
    Thankyou for your comment on my blog. It’s really nice to meet you!

    I’m looking forward to looking around your website; it looks really good! I liked this post – good on you for writing it. There is more to it than keeping physically pure; we need to stay emotionally pure too. It’s a challenge!


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