Giving thanks – Day 5

My Father

Today is my father’s birthday.

However, as circumstances would have it, we celebrated his ‘great day’ in hospital. And, since he’s in the ICU, only two visitors at a time are permitted. We eventually took turns in and out, but visiting time is only an hour long.

It hurts me to the core to see my father so ill. However, I cannot complain, for I may not. No matter how hard it is.

But as weak as he is, he cared enough to ask me whether my college results have arrived yet. “I’ve been praying for it, sus,” he said.

I have SO much to be thankful for. I have spent over 25 years with my dad and in those years, we’ve shared joy and pain, abundance and suffering. Some years I cannot recall for I was too small, but many others will forever flood my memories.

My father has been the second pillar of our home. He stood strong when I was weak. He didn’t give up on me when I wasted my years away in sin. There were decisions he made that I never understood because he couldn’t bare to see his daughter slip further away in sin’s miry pool.

And when I repented, it felt like he cherished me even more. He has invested into the lives of our family and poured out his strength for us. He has worked so that we could eat.

Christ was always the centre of our home, whether we agreed to it or not. And, when we failed, my father pointed us back to the Rock.

As for him, there has never been any doubt. Jesus is his Lord, yesterday, today and forever. And that is what he prayed (and still does) for us.

Thank you Lord, for my father, given to me by my Heavenly Father above.


I love you dad.


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