Giving thanks – Day 7

Future Hope

“…there remaineth yet very much land to be possessed” (Jos 13:1)

Hope has the characteristic of faith, because we can believe in what is not yet seen. And the only reason is because we have a vision that has been promised to us.

If we had no hope, we would be as barren as a dry river bed in a desert. If we had no future vision to dream of, we would be like living corpses stuck in a coffin.

Hope gives us a future. The vision gives us guidance. To have both gives you divine inspiration to answer the call God placed on your life which you’ve pushed away for so long.

But God triggers them all. And without God, we are some lost fools.

Oh for a hope to hope even greater!

I have a vision of what’s to come, and a hope for the future.
Thank you for giving me that, Lord.

… you who … put the Lord in remembrance [of His promises], keep not silence, And give Him no rest … (Is 62:6,7)



One response to “Giving thanks – Day 7

  1. Faith is like to see the unseen. May He supply in your families immediate needs that you
    would be amazed what He has in stall for you. Hope goes hand in hand with trust.
    We trust then in God for the future. I pray for healing for your dad and energy for you
    who faithfully keeps the household running. You are such a star. The Silverstream star!
    Thanks for your kindness.

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