Giving thanks – Day 8

One More

“Now, see, I am freeing you today from the chains upon your hands… ” (Jer 40:4)

If today were my last day, what would my yesterday look like?
And if tomorrow never came, what would I make of today?

As dawn breaks the silence of the night sky, a newness falls upon everything on the earth. And you and I have been given one more
             – one more breath to breathe out life 
             – one more day to glorify God
             – one more chance to right what is wrong and do what must be done.

What have you done with ‘one more’ today?

It takes one more moment to ponder it through, because ‘one more’ will be gone in a moment.

Thank you Lord, for one more.


One response to “Giving thanks – Day 8

  1. One more time I want to praise the Lord for your powerful writings. Today, yesterdays and
    the ones you will write tomorrow Lord willing.

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