Giving thanks – Day 10


It’s the stuff that wakes me up. It’s the stuff that puts me to sleep.

It’s just… the STUFF!

There’s something about the taste… I can’t quite figure it out. It’s that roasted taste, and it’s aroma that rises with warmth to flood my nasal senses.

And then the warming of my throat after my taste buds have been thoroughly covered with satisfaction, and as the caffeine travels further down with pure enjoyment, I am one happy gal!

Now, according to an ongoing 22-year study by the Harvard School of Public Health, a statement was released saying that “the overall balance of risks and benefits [of coffee consumption] are on the side of benefits.” *

Voila! What more did I want to hear?!

I don’t know how much stuff you consume 😉 but I’ve been deprived of it for short and long periods of time and I dearly missed it.

As insignificant as coffee may be…

I thank you Lord, for these priceless, petty things, such as coffee. :mrgreen:


* Source : wikipedia.  


One response to “Giving thanks – Day 10

  1. Hurray! i am happy about this topic. I am also a coffee lover. The aroma of fresh
    brewed coffee is irisistable. Am happy about the research done. Thanks Salome, looking forward to receive you for a cup when you visit me again some day.

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