Giving thanks – Day 14


I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees their fruit. (Lev 26:4)

During the short Spring months, when rainy days seems to be the daisy days, it’s so easy to look out the window and complain.
“Rain! Again! Ugh!”

Has the Lord ever been late in sending rain? Has He ever been too early?


There are the days when the heaven’s water supply is simply too much, and there are the times when we wish it would shower just one drop more.

Since God made a covenant with the earth that never again will waters become a flood to destroy all life (Gen 9:13-15), I believe that God pours down rain as goodness and blessing.

Goodness – where there is flooding to warn His people of their wicked ways and to return to their first love.

Blessing – where there is drought that the earth may receive water.

Rain brings forth new life. It’s been nature’s cycle for years since the creation of the earth, and where there is death, life is restored. (Isaiah 44:3)

My prayer is thus that God would rain on me and you, Heavenly drops, just like the water that He sends to nurture the earth.

Thank you Lord, for the rain.


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