Giving thanks – Day 16


“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

Courage – the ancient word for guts and the characteristic we desire so much but share so little of.

What do I have courage for, and why do I need it?

Last night, as I exited the hospital, I saw a young hindu woman sitting with another, apparant more elderly lady whom I presumed to be her mother.
I went out the door hesitantly as I felt the Spirit nudging me. I saw the pain on her face and the hurt in her eyes did not escape my gaze. I took a step back to return. And as the automatic doors kept opening and closing on my ‘see-saw’ movements, my courage failed.

It was in these days that my ill father spoke to us (though I was not present, it was related to me by my brother) about the importance of winning souls to the Lord. It was as if the urgency of the matter became a new revelation to him.

If my father, who had just turned at death’s door, stood in my shoes at that moment, what would he have done? And if I had to turn my back on that woman and the desperate cry of her heart which I could hear from where I stood, what would my dad say? His pride would turn to bitter shame and he’d have severe trouble swallowing it.

What would my Heavenly Father say – He who was sending me? I felt it in my bones, in the very essence of my being!

And this was my only chance. I might never get this opportunity again.

Between those doors sliding to and fro, I decided to go back.

“Are you ok?” I asked. “You look so sad.”
Bowing her head down, she said, “No, I’m fine” and nodded her head to assure herself.
“Just trust the Lord, He will help you,” I encouraged her.
I hugged her. “Jesus LOVES you. Remember that!”
She nodded, smiled shyly and thanked me – on the one hand possibly not sure what just took place and on the other knowing that everything she’d just experienced was in complete opposition to her faith, and with her ‘mother’s’ ever watchful eye, you never know what her heart must’ve been going through.

I walked out of that hospital, thankful. Not only thankful because God saved my father’s life, but because of His everlasting grace.

I was courageous.

The words I spoke to her was a seed sown. Whether she will let the seed germinate in her heart and life, we will never know. But I know that it was not in vain.

I also know that it is only God who gives courage. It is up to us to act upon it when it is given to us at the given time.

Thank you Lord, for Courage.


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