Giving thanks – Day 17

A Pass Mark

You finished the work.
Mailed the documents.
And breathed a sigh of relief.

But the tension is not entirely over yet.

The wait continues.

For some, the nerve-wrecking suspense they endure as they expectantly wait for that phone call, the email, text message or letter in the mail is simply unbearable.

Did I pass? Did I fail?

Urgh!!! *pulls hair*


Thankfully, I had a bit more self-control than that, but I have to admit, I was anxious. Failing my studies this time round means re-doing some subjects again, when I had already re-done some. Passing would mean graduation and complete liberty to embrace everything God’s future life has in store for me. < What bliss!

I was sooooo ready to be… DONE!

And then it came.

My phone rang with my ‘cow moo’ sms tone as the reports that held the golden words were delivered. Two by two they arrived and as I read each one, the smile on my face just got broader and broader.

“Oh thank you Lord, thank YOU! You are so great and awesome,” I cried in my heart!

I PASSED! All of them. :mrgreen:

Thank you Lord, for a pass mark.


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