Giving thanks – Day 18


When I go to bed and hear the summer rain pouring down in showers outside our windows, I can snuggle up in a warm fleece blanket, with a hot water bottle and a cup of hot chocolate.

Many can’t.
They have to snug up in the dirty heat of the earth or the street as the wind blasts sheets of rain on their cuddled-up bodies.

When I feel cold, even if just slightly, I head over to my cupboard, pull out a jersey and slip it on. And comfy I am!

Others can’t.
They have to endure the pain of the cold, jitter their teeth regardless of the circumstances and ‘comfortable’ is not even part of their vocabulary.

I have a roof over my head. So do you.
Do we share it? (Heb 13:2)

Are we willing to sacrifice our comfort zones so that others lacking it may be provided with some, be it even a taste?

I have so much to be thankful for. It’s incomprehendable – warmth in and out.

Thank you Lord, for every warmth that You provide.


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