Giving thanks – Day 20



Sleep – that peaceful, content sensation when all worries are cast aside and forgotten. Who in the world does not appreciate it?

Yes indeed, we are all thankful for daily rest after hard work. We all, at times, seem to be living for the moment in the evening when we can simply meet with the mattress in a horizontal collision and just fade away into dreamland.

But there comes a time (and how often doesn’t this get mentioned) in a young girl’s life when she simply cannot ‘sleep’.

She’s wide awake.

No matter what you say or do will calm her emotions. Her anxious heart is continually beating with longing and fantasies while her eyes wander non-stop around her as she tries to decipher her future life, which frankly, looks so very bleak right now.

Perhaps if she were to go away, she just might have a chance. How would she ever survive here? There aren’t any prospects here, and if there were any, she’s ‘definitely’ not on their list.

Or perhaps her father-in-law doesn’t have any sons… ? 😐


I can’t see into your heart and emotions oh friend and common traveller. But do you feel like this? Do you see yourself being left on the shelf for good until you’re old and grey? And just the thought makes your hair already turn colour.

Only Jesus has the power to calm the storm within you. God has a miraculous way of putting us to sleep that His Will will be the only burden on our hearts, to the point that we will anxious and restless until His Will has taken full control within our beings.

Sleep can be compared to contentment, doubled with peace. There are few greater longings than this.

Is this not what you crave for?

Thank you Lord, for putting me to sleep.


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