Giving thanks – Day 22


In a time when South Africa’s freedom of information is at risk, I’ve been reflecting on the liberties we enjoy in our ‘often’ unthankful state.
In our world of western civilisation where nothing seems to get civilised except the rights of the unfaithful, we get more and more burdened by the day regarding the survival of our own Biblical values.

Yet as a Christian, I have no rights of my own. When I handed over my chains of sin to Jesus Christ, I became a bondslave of His and traded my servitude for freedom.

In God, I have the freedom:

• To live a life of conviction and not one bound by legalism
• And forgiveness of sins – I’m no longer under sin’s authority
• To know my life is not my own and my journey has been pre-planned
• To know I never have to make a decision on my own
• In knowing that God is ever near and help is only a prayer away
• In knowing that God is God, and I am human, and that will never change

My list could be endless, but compiling a never-ending list would be beside the point.

Maybe not.

The point though is: I am free.

According to websters’ online dictionary, one of the definitions of freedom is: the power to determine action without restraint.
With a God-given conviction instilled within my being, and a pricetag behind my name that can never be matched again in history or in future, no restraints or liberties of earthly value can ever silence my freedom.

It shouts!

From the rooftops to the valleys I want my cry to be heard so that lost souls may be bought back and receive a ‘freedom’ of their own.

So if the Son liberates you [makes you free men], then you are really and unquestionably free. (John 8:36)

Thank you Lord, for setting me free.


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