Giving thanks – Day 28


This post is a day early, but since I’m writing it a few days later, it will suffice. 🙂

In our day of scientific research and discoveries, the medical field is continually taking a boom, year by year. New inventions help to save lives and better health circumstances of many a sick man.

What is all entails, I have no idea. But without it, I’d be one sad and heartsore girl today.

My father is home.

After 5 and a half (of some) torturous weeks in hospital, God has been gracious and kind enough to spare his life and entrust him back into our love and care.

God, the Great Physician, Healer of all ills – on this day, we worship His name.
God, the Great Scientist, Designer of all things good, today and forever more, we glorify His name.

Thank you Lord, for giving us the gift of medicine (science).


One response to “Giving thanks – Day 28

  1. Salome, ah yes. I know how you feel my sweet friend! I myself am on medication as well and it is such a blessing to be able to have it (especially with our finances too).

    Praise the Lord! I’m *SO* SOOO very happy your dad is able to be home now!!! 😀 *HUGS* That is wonderful news!! 😀 Yes, God is so good!!

    Love you! 🙂

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