Joy in pain

We all have trials.
We all have pain.
And we each have a cross to bear.

We dare not compare our suffering to another’s because God knows just how much each one is capable of carrying.

I thought back again last night about Paul’s life and reflected on his imprisonment with Silas.
If we take a minute to imagine the situation: he (Paul) was beaten, his back ripped open from the lashes, he lay on the ground bound in chains, unable to move because the pain must’ve been unbearable. There was no ointment for their wounds, instead, it was covered by dirt and dust.
And yet… it was there that he and Silas began to sing, raising their voices in praise to God. It was there that they rose above their pain threshold and proclaimed the good news of Christ.

We cannot wait for a magnificent moment before we decide to shine our dim lights.

It is in the dreary, ordinary… painful experiences of our everyday life (how mundane it may seem) that we need to sparkle.

If this world didn’t know pain, when would we have tears to wash our eyes? We would lose our sight.

Thank our Lord and Saviour for the joy He brings amidst the pain.


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