Hello everyone!

My long lost modem has still not been found, but thankfully some stuff are replaceable. God was also so gracious to me, I got a new computer as well. My old laptop’s 3 year contract had just about expired and so we were able to invest in something better.

I really do apologise for not having written for so long. I really missed it. At times I itched to write, but without internet access on your computer, what DO you do? 🙂

I shall try to write at least 1 post per week, if not 2.

Please do send me a ‘hi’ to say that you too, are still alive and well.

Happy to be back! :mrgreen:


2 responses to “Back!

  1. Hurray! I’m still here and alive (yeah!) and I’ve missed you! 😀 Aww, sorry you weren’t able to be online for so long…I know how that can be as we’ve had times like that occassionaly. But a good long break is okay too and you’ll be refreshed and have piles of things you’ll want to share, right?! 😉 I’m so glad you were able to get a new and improved computer and I hope that will help make things nicer for your writings and such.

    Love you darling and it was so good to hear from you! 🙂

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