My apologies for being out of action for a while.
I’ve not been so well these day and I’ve also been working hard on a design project that is soon due.

How are you all doing? I hope well… 🙂

I’ve been on the road quite a bit lately, and I’d like to share my stories.

Just over two weeks ago, I attended a funeral held on the outskirts of Richmond (near Pietermaritzburg, see map here.). As rural as the area could be, I met many of my old school- and class-mates clad in apparel suited for fashion parades. Many of them I had not seen since we left school, almost 8 years ago. This surprised me – the way they would attend funerals related to their school-mates, regardless of whether they are related to the deceased’s family in any way or not.

I shall be honest. I prayed myself through the church service. If we did not have God’s grace to rely on for endurance in circumstances such as these, what hope for a crown would we have?
The church building looked fairly new. It seemed as if it had recently been plastered and was still waiting for a coat of paint.
However, they also seem to pump more funds into their sound system than on the completion of the building. With every song sung, the worship leaders’ voices drowned out the entire congregation, I wouldn’t have heard myself if I wished to.

I spent a good few moments analysing what lay before my eyes and everything I summed up came down to one word: thankfulness.

I am SO thankful. For everything.
I’m thankful for what God has done in my life, for the second chances He gave me, for health, for spiritual and physical safety, food to eat, and clothing to wear. I thank Him for teaching me to dress modestly.
I cannot express to you how great this eye-opener was to me. So much thankfulness flooded over me.

I’m thankful too for the privilege to have been part of the team who went, for the opportunity to show and witness Christ’s love and truth to a world of a broken church.

Are you thankful today?
Sum up your life in this light, and it just might change everything.


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