Africa, the beloved.

About a week ago, I found myself in Bizana, in the Eastern Cape. It was a journey that taught me much.  (see map here)

We left at 5 in the morning, and with it being a 5 hour journey one way, it was tough on the body. However, I thought to myself and wondered how much are we willing to sacrifice to tell others of the love of Christ which was so freely poured out on us.

The Eastern Cape has it’s own characteristics, and they are quite different to the scenes and cultures I’m used to here in my home province, Kwa-Zulu Natal.
The natives there speak Xhosa, which is similar to Zulu. Although I can speak and understand Zulu quite well, I found it rather difficult and strenuous to follow their dialect, and I found relief in translation.

The folks there were so pleased at our visit, and I’ve never quite experienced such appreciation on previous trips. This one stood out to me. They rejoiced in the fact that we who are from a different culture and province, came into their circle and way of life. Their traditions seem similar to what I’m used to here in Zululand, but I enjoyed the cross-cultural interaction.

This, I thought to myself, is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The precious joy we have in knowing that in Him, our Saviour, there is no Jew, nor Greek, but we are all one body and we have one Father.

I’ve often said this, and I will keep saying it. But there are so many reasons why I love Africa the way I do. And being African myself, I appreciate the beauties God has bestowed upon our continent.

Have you ever been here? Have you ever dreamed of seeing this paradise?

What holds you back my friend?



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