Love for a broken heart

The thought of writing about what I have seen brings mere pain to my heart and like a knife, stabs me to a continual awakening of how little love this world owns.
God is our ultimate and only true source of love, and as a trustee of this divine ownership, I’m ashamed to admit how little I’ve been investing in my shares.

Love, love and love. It’s what they need. It’s what they don’t have.

It’s the primary root of all evil. At the core point of every trespass lies an empty pit which echoes the words, ‘love-less’.

Anger-filled outbursts, knife-stabbing wounds, gunshot sounds, the torment of a rape, chains of prostitution, alcohol slavery and the perpetual fear of the unknown are all part of a disturbing noise that keeps on blaring in our ears.

Tell me friend, when is the last time you showed anyone love? Indeed, our family, friends and relatives see no lack of it on our part. But what about those who long to see and feel what love is like? They may not be able to touch it, but there is still the aching pain to see it, be it even from a distance, in their suffering here on earth.

We’ve seen children as young as 9 years old watching pornography with their parents on television. Kids as little as 8 years old are already smoking dagga. Girls in grade 7 escape from their school gates during their interval to go and sell their bodies just to be able to afford their next alcohol fix.

It hurts me to mention all the hurts I’ve experienced during our outreach to the Cape Flats. Perhaps you may be shocked to hear about these things. Perhaps it’s a good thing to be shocked so that we will become aware of what is going on around us.

Friends, how long will we sit in our comfort zones and expect the ‘chosen and called’ of God to go and do the unwanted and despised work of God’s service? How many souls should still perish before we come to our senses?
Are you not concerned about souls?
If God has freely saved our souls, who are we to sit back and live our own personal and private Christian life?

Please allow me to challenge you. Let myself be challenged anew. How will we ever enter Heaven’s gates with empty hands?! 


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